Monday, 6 April 2009

News News News

Forgive me this extraordinary absence but I’ve been extremely busy on a very pleasant way and I’m just about to share with you the reasons of my happiness!

First ...

I just created an online dressage magazine about everything Dressage related in Portugal… so all the Lusitano and Portugal lovers... watch this space because there will be updates really really soon… and I can let you have a preview on the first number contents that I believe you will find very interesting ;)

This magazine is open to everyone critics, suggestions and contributions, so don’t exitate writing me if you would like to know more or take part on this project!


I’ve got a loan horse… I’m not so horseless anymore!

Meet Xandu a 6 year old Lusitano x Thoroughbred cross:

He is a gentle big guy, with good paces and a natural willingness to jump!
I’ll try to keep frequent updates on our progress :)


Anonymous said...

Ai Grande Amiga, fiquei sem palavras...!!!

Funky MeerKAT said...

Oh Xandu is gorgeous! Love the way hes looking at the camera lol.

I would love to help out with the mag if theres anyway I can from NZ?


Danni said...

Congratulations on the magazine and the new horse Ana!